Piccadilly Circus Windows

TEA!! It’s hard to get away from the stuff here in Britain, but I’d have to say we’re slightly more creative with it in North America. Take for instance the London Fog Latte (or earl grey tea latte) found all over Canada, is rarely sold here, let alone understood when you try to tell a […]

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Snowy -Manor House- Walk

Reminiscent of a few weeks ago, and sadly also today: SNOW!! This way, just like Ottawa where it goes from a day of snow to a day of flowers, London is re-creating that kind of spring! This is what the storm called “the beast from the east” looked like where I am. It was far […]

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Bit by Bit

My Dad used to play Trivial Pursuit with his office colleages, so when I was a kid he shared some of the weirdest facts and figures with us at the dinner table on weekday evenings. This feels like one of those moments of passing along almost useless facts, but bear with me, there’s a point […]

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Spring Snow

Most transportation in London, happens in a north-south direction: understandably getting people quickly in and out of the city’s core. In order to make the most of a snowy Saturday, I instead, decided to simply walk eastward from northwest London, the 5+ miles home. On the way, in addition to a lovely meander through Golders […]

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Wool Art

When trying a new craft you always have to be a bit flexible!! After receiving a bundle of pretty dyed raw wool for Christmas, with the intention of wet felting it, a friend and I learned a few things about the process. If you’re interested in the specifics of the whole process, there are very […]

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Another Warm Evening

Ever seen a magic lantern the size of a three storey Chinese temple? The place to go is Chiswick House and Gardens in southwest London. Unfortunately their creative display has ended for the year, but it’s an annual festival, and is highly recommended when it returns! These magic lanters were like nothing you’ve ever seen […]

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Technical Difficulties

Hello Readers, As you can see I’ve opted to modernize the look and feel of homesweethomeprojects. I hope you like the change! Unfortunately this update has altered all of my formatting, so please bear with me while I put it back together. Thank you!

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Warm Evenings

Picture yourself with a cup of hot chocolate, hot tea, hot whisky -that’s my choice!- or anything else hot, sauntering the streets of London, some of which are closed to cars for the occasion, checking out art and architecture lit in creative colours… Lumiere London was back in January, -yes, I’m  delayed in posting these […]

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Friday Flowers

A week ago it snowed in London. This is less exciting for a Canadian, then for the locals, it seems. There were really only a few flakes in the sky and not enough to actually stick to anything. As it’s such a rare occurrence here, it feels hopeful that maybe sometime this winter we’ll wake […]

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Haunted by Libraries

Before I left Ottawa, I was working in a very modern, very cool library space on a university campus. Part of our ‘thing’ was accessible, contemporary and tech-associated furniture, which I’d spent 4+ years testing, analyzing, moving around, fixing, and monitoring for its pros and cons. Don’t get me wrong, this was not all of my […]

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