No more sod!

My week has been composed of digging up sod, stashing it under my cedar hedge and then digging up more sod. The process is back-breaking, but fully rewarding now that it’s complete!

At a yard sale a few weeks ago, I cleaned out a couple’s stock of garden tools. At the time I didn’t know the purpose of most of them, but have now used nearly all of them in one way or another. While this is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to re-vamping my garden and making new garden plots, I’m quite proud of my progress. The only problem with making more veggie plots is the amount of sod that lies between here and there. I’ll be so fit from shovelling (and swatting mosquitos) it’s crazy!!



bricked edge of square planter  square garden plot outlined with bricks






I credit Pinterest for the brick-work idea, and was surprised to find that sand, bricks and a levelling tool made easy work of establishing a solid border to contain the dirt. Total cost of the project $22 in bricks, $5 in soil, $19 in plants: for a total of $46. Note: I already had the sand, tools and the labour was my free daily workout!

I know my first garden plot looks a little bare at the moment, but with the hot days and constant sunshine seen by this side of my garden, the back sections will soon be populated with poppies (back right) and beans (back left). Those are spaghetti squash (left), tomatoes (front) and lavender (middle), looking to get a little more lush in the upcoming warm days.

Stay tuned for more garden changes from homesweethome!

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