Mason jar frenzy

It’s been a while since I’ve browsed the isles of home decorating stores, but this past weekend took me into a few. I am amazed by the frenzy caused by the most basic items: mason jars, water and fruit! Companies are charging a bundle for the basic mason jar with added labels, handles, recipe booklets, and straws, apparently making them a novelty item.

As someone who cans fruit and jam in the summer, and comes from a long family line of canners, the mason jar, is to me, simply a go-to item for transporting salad dressing and liquids out of the house. You can throw it back in the dishwasher and it’s ready to go again! I’m shocked by the sudden need to fancy-them-up.

closed mason jar with orange and cranberries floating in water

As far as this fruit-flavoured water idea goes, I post this only because if you haven’t tried it, you aught to! Your recipe is as good as the next persons, just don’t underestimate the value of ginger, rhubarb and berries to add a little zing and sweetness. Happy (healthy) water drinking!


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