In Defence of Dry Food

First, let me say, I know my posts have been less than inspiring as of late. This is what happens when your family descends on your home and you are forced to play tourists and tour guide for what seems like weeks! I have so many fun and colourful projects in the plans, the weather is perfect, but first I should see the relatives off… I promise more creativity to come, very very soon!

silhouette of rat walking upright on back feet

I was raised in a house that backed onto forest, and as we didn’t have a pet to scare away beasts of the wild, each fall, for many years, we had a new resident in the rafters of the house who would scurry around until caught. I recall one incident when my sister and I were home and the biggest and ugliest rat scampered across the floor. We donned rubber boots (natually to protect ourselves!) and brooms (to assist his direction choices in exiting) and shrieked at the top of our lungs in our attempt encourage the hairy little guy out of the house. To this day I’m not scared of rodents, but I certainly don’t need them in or near my house.

Having now lived elsewhere and settled into this home, I was pleased by today’s project, when, after its completion and while eating dinner in the backyard, I spotted a healthy sized mouse scoot across the back perimeter of the house. Hopefully, this is an outside rodent, because I don’t want to relive the events of my childhood, even at the length of a broom handle!!

The project of the day, was to remove the cloud of plastic from my baking supply cupboard. After two years of tossing plastic bags filled with grains, seeds, beans and flours into it, the space was on a transition back to distinguishable containers and full-on organization. Upon pulling all items out of the far reaches of the cupboard, I knew a trip to the hardware store was in order for more of my favourite: the mason jar!! new organization of jars in an under-counter compartmentFor less that $13, I now have a variety of 24 1-litre and 500-ml sized air tight containers. It’s a deal, when you consider the cost of other storage systems. I feel much better about this improved storage system, especially after the reminder of 4-legged beasts! Perhaps a future project will be to make the jars more fun with fancy labels, but for now they are functional and best of all, fully sealed.

One thought on “In Defence of Dry Food

  1. I like Value Village & the Sally Anne as a good source for cheap Mason jars. Once through the dishwasher or a bleach rinse in the sink and they are good as new. Pack your favourite sized ring in your purse to be sure you are getting the right size and won’t have odd ones that don’t fit your collection.

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