Difficult Birthday’s

Summer, in my world, has alway been birthday season. So I shift gears slightly from gardening to crafting in order to present the most appropriate gift.

Why not get personal, hands-on and take someone’s hobby to a whole new level? framed picture of motorcycle partsI took my boyfriend’s fancy new Honda motorcycle, that he was super excited about, and centred his birthday present around it. I could have chosen any word from “adventure” to “dream” and so on, but opted to simply spell his name, Kyle. You could do this with anything: tools, technology, crafts, cooking, camping… all it takes is a little creativity, some time (literally) staring at the items to draw out the alphabet, and sometimes, as I learned, varying the angles at which to photograph your objects. Let me just say, the image used for the K was initally intended to be an L at a slightly different angle, until the K had me completely stumped! I liked that I could find the letters I needed in the motorcycle’s form without altering it’s shape at all.

Be creative and take a tonne of pictures. Then sort through them and pull out the best of each letter. Also think about lighting, colour, or a lack of colour, and texture to draw out the shape of each letter. Sometimes a flash or darkened background adds just what you need.

So my question is: why buy it in a store if you can make it yourself? Ok, I did have some assistance with the framing, but it was worth it to make it look sharp. If you have difficult people to buy for, they’ll always have some kind of hobby to explore and get creative with!

Happy Birthday Season (even if yours doesn’t land in the summer!)

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