Making Mud Pies in the Rain

I’ll be that woman on the Miracle Grow commercial who’s outside planting in the rain while her kids watch from the window thinking she’s insane!!

A friend of mine turned his front garden into a rock garden over the weekend and so I was on hand to extract all the goodies before he tossed them into the compost bag. With 2 car loads I had new lilies, peonies, small rose bushes, daisies, and several other colourful plants I don’t know the names of. I was ready to go ahead with the planting… and then the rains hit.

collage of flowers

You can imagine, I’m sure, how funny I must have looked determined to get my new babies in the ground despite torrential rains. It reminded me of being given a trowel and bucket on my grandparents farm and told to keep myself entertained by making mud pies. Thankfully, today’s mud pies and mud puddles will have a longer lasting effect.

Pleased with my progress, but dripping wet and all covered in mud, my front garden is now a smorgasbord of colour. It still needs work, but at least the vacant dirt areas are filled with these bright additions. There’s always next year to move these around again. And perhaps now it’s time to switch to some indoor projects…

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