Friday Flowers

… in 3-D!

I work in a university where the students are super creative about what they request to print on our 3-D printers. I, on the other hand, don’t have time to be creative there, just to load the colour spool and press print… so when I saw these push pins I thought what a cute addition to my office and a great way to add colour to my bulletin board.

Since I’ve missed a couple of weeks of Friday Flowers I thought I’d do something a little different – today’s Friday Flowers are hot off the press!

screen grab of computer program for 3-D printer

3-D printer in action






The pictures above are of the object in Maker-ware software and the printers on which the items were created. Each plastic flower is made of 37 layers of melted plastic which, when heated to 230 degrees Celsius, is layered on at 1/10th of a millimeter thick. With a 10% honeycomb shaped infill to support the height of the structure, it takes approximately 20 minutes to print each flower.

pink, yellow and white 3-D printed flowers

As you can see I’ve attached a few more pictures than I normally do on Fridays, just because the 3-D print process is quite fascinating and if you’re new to it you might want find somewhere in your community where you can see it live. Also check out for the push pin design and other items made on the Makerbot Replicator 2 (and other version) 3-D Printers

Enjoy your Friday!

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