Bringing the Outdoors In

The dilemma of the week: how to embrace four accent colours in one room, but not to overdue it?!

What is she crazy, 4 accent colours? Yes, you heard right: red (matching the bathroom next-door. Sorry for the bad framing of the picture,) as well as navy blue, emerald green and yellow. And no, I’m not decorating a little boy’s room! I felt like it could be this, when all the canvases were painted their respective solid colours.

This is my first crafty-DIY project for inside the house, since deciding to embrace change. What a success! I brought inside a constant reminder of summers’ growth and will certainly be happy with it

floral prints on grey wall

The project, all up, took more time than money – and that in itself, I love!! Who would have thought a four-piece personalized wall hanging could cost less than $16 – and as a bonus I will reuse the brush and paints elsewhere, since they are on-theme! All you need is canvases (mine came from the dollar store), both craft and spray paint (from the craft store), and leaves or shapes you wish to replicate (and aren’t afraid to cover in paint.) Then you’re ready to go!

paint and blank canvases on newspaper

1) Flaten leaves for a couple of days for the best results.

2) If you’re like me and plan to get no paint anywhere, except where it’s supposed to be, then spread newspaper wide and far!!

3) Paint solid colours across the canvas. (This is where you’ll feel like you’re decorating a kid’s bedroom!)

4) Using subtle adhesive (glue stick or rubber cement), tack the plants in a few places, to their respective canvases

5) Spray paint with selected top cover. Depending on shade of background colour, this may take more than one coat. Also beware of dripping off plant stems that will need to be evened out. (I found the spray paint created a bit more wind than expected, so was glad to have tacked down the plant items.)

6) Allow each canvas to dry thoroughly.

7) Carefully remove plants and touch up any places where adhesive has removed the base colour paint. (I used blobs of glue-stick and had no paint removed.)

After these steps you’re all done and can arrange as you wish on the wall. As for me, I’m out to find more four-coloured projects?!



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