Friday Flowers

What’s your favourite flower? Most people can usually roll off a list of two or three, if not more.

I always say I don’t have a favourite. Most, or any flowers would do for me. Today is my birthday, so I was thinking about this question a bit. It just conveniently lands on a Friday Flowers day 🙂

So I went into my garden, which has both a selection of wild, cultivated and vegetable plants, and for today, I selected what should be my ultimate fav flower. Let me be specific, it’s the female squash flower I’m selecting, not the male, as it’s the female who produces the squash, which is one of my favourite vegetables. This year my garden had a slow start because I had no flower beds to begin with and couldn’t plant anything until they were dug up. At this point I’m quite happy with the catching-up that my plants have done. So for today, I wish you a happy start of August with a healthy squash flower!

squash flower

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