No Project Too Big? Pt1

Based on all the “wow really!” looks I’ve gotten from friends and colleagues, refinishing ones own hardwood floors is not a common leisure DIY activity – at least not in my neck of the woods. The expressions I’m getting suggest it’s a project best left to the professionals. I, on the other hand, thought it would be a good, challenging project, which obviously contained a learning curve (or a few) and a major time commitment.

Whenever I visit with my mother we attack one project or another… in the past we’ve done wallpaper and transported a new car across the country. She’s helped me move houses, take possession of my first property and prepare it for rental, paint rooms/house exteriors etc. So, as you can see we aren’t afraid of a decently sized task while spending time together.

the process of refinishing floors in 6 pictures

I’ve chosen to share this experience with you 1) because it’s part of creating my own home sweet home, and 2) because if you’re like me and you’re about to approach this project with YouTube, Home Depot and the internet as your primary reference points you’ll want to hear as many first-hand experiences as you can get your hands on before beginning! I’m not claiming to be an expert by any means, just wanted to share what I’ve learned.

The pictures below are of opposite corners of my living/dining room. The goal was to pull up the squishy old-people carpet that, despite the darkness of the picture, is in fact white.

living room: white carpet and pink walls

empty room with chandelier and white carpet

After the transformation you can see that not only does the hardwood provide a great base for the rug of my dreams and living room to be built on to, but also modernizes the rooms. Don’t look too closely at the baseboards or wall colour that needs a change, and obviously I need to re-place my furniture into the space, but all in good time!

living room with hardwood floors, no furniture

dining room with hardwood floors

Now let me tell you my story about, how my lovely walnut floors came to be. Follow the progress in parts 2 and 3 of this story (over the coming week) if you’re interested.

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