Let’s be Frugal!

I was recently gifted some chairs that once belonged to my grandmother. She was a woman I never met, but she had a nice sense of style and I’m pleased to have these solid walnut chairs in my newly stained dining room. I couldn’t have asked for a better match! Eventually, with a new table and sisal rug beneath, the look with be perfected.

chair legs of a wooden floor

In describing the cross-country shipping effort put in (Thanks Mom!) to receive the chairs on my end of the country, many of my friends seemed shocked at why I wouldn’t go out and simply buy new, instead of going to all this effort. I live away from my family and yet not far from an Ikea store, so the latter seemed everyone’s go-to response. I do have some items from the store, mostly from former stages of life (that have been packed around the country and back including the current table that resides n my dining room), but I’d rather lean to the quality and unique-look of something old, than something newly produced.

This conversation, that I had several times, got me thinking… I have friends who are successful couponers, others who price match and I don’t dis their way of being frugal, but it’s all for new, store-bought and rarely homemade items. Likewise, I’ve spent loads of time with people who would rather “eat out” or “buy it new” than to put in any effort to make ‘it’ themselves, recycle or to up-cycle any item. Do they aspire to keep up with the Jones’s (whoever the Jones’s are?) Well I don’t!

cars in blue chair
How many chairs can you fit in a tiny car?

My recent chair delivery, is proof of that I’m not concerned about what’s deemed new or designer, so long as I can be left to create my own style with my own look. The conversation however, has had me thinking more about how I buy and what I buy. So today, on the uneven 23rd day of this month, I commit to a month (maybe longer) of complete frugality!

As back to school sales ramp up in the stores around me, I will be the lady who is making her own, keeping it simple and staying under-budget while sitting on my new-to-me walnut chairs!

Wish me luck!


One thought on “Let’s be Frugal!

  1. Great pics! Love the good colour match with the new floor!! – and cozy in the trunk packing job to get them home. Well done.

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