Frugal Day 3: More Ravens

ravenI still need ravens! (If the reference escapes you, check out the post from August 24th which explains.)

I’m down five bags of bread and have four more to go. Before moving on to randomly shaped buns, I decided to use up excess: the dried edges and ends of bread, of which I had a sizeable pile. For this I’ve resorted to making bread crumbs, only I don’t make meatloaf and other than that, I’m not sure where you would use breadcrumbs… I’ll have to do research. Suggestions are welcome!!

Bread Crumbs

Easily made out of the crust and bread rejected from previous projects.

  • Toss onto cookie sheet and bake at 200 degrees F for 20 min or until all crisp and dry. (Or leave out to air overnight until dry.)
  • Freeze in a double ziplock bag until you’re ready to use them.

bread crumbsVoila! How easy was that? The only sad part is they’re headed back to the freezer. I’ll just have to add them to my pantry list and be sure to include them in the things I need to eat in the coming months!

I have 2 bags like the one pictured here. At least I won’t ever need to buy bread crumbs!!

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