Frugal Day 6: Inexpensive Classy

How to keep it classy and save money in the process?! To do so I took a page from a good friend’s book, or blog rather: ditchthemittens, and taught myself to paint french manicures. I used to play with nail art, bright colours and layering it thanks to the enthusiasm of a good friend, so you might see more here in the future, now I’m back in the groove (Thx Dode!)

It seemed like a good weekend activity, the results aren’t too shabby either and it didn’t cost the +$20 it would have, had I paid someone to do it for me.

french manicure fingernailsThere are lots of pens and gimmicks out there to paint a straight line across your nails (including masking tape) but all you really need is a steady hand and a q-tip with nail polish remover on it to even out the line. Give it a try, any colour will do and you can buy white later if you master the art and want to keep going.

Happy painting!

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