Frugal Day 9: Happy Feet

I used to walk everywhere, wear hiking boots for most of my life and thus at the end of the day I took good care of my feet. I know feet isn’t really a normal topic of conversation, but bear with me…

foot scrubWhat could be more enjoyable than a weekly foot scrub. I know what you’re thinking: shouldn’t she have done that all summer long, and now that September’s here, put on some socks and ignore her feet?! Well, this summer brought driving and other priorities, and only now am I reverting to the healthy habits I once had.

Today’s project is an easy one. No real recipe, just ingredients that you mix together.

ingredientsYou need equal parts brown sugar and coconut oil. A smaller scoop of honey and a dribble of olive oil. Mix together in a small bowl or mason jar then apply to feet, scrubbing and rinsing with warm water.

(My mixture looks wet because it’s been very hot this week and my coconut oil has liquified in the cupboard.) Because of this, my foot scrub is being stored in the fridge to harden and keep for a few extra weeks.

It’s true, I should have done this all summer long, but for now I’m enjoying this first day of soft toes and I’m not looking back!

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