Frugal Day 10: Free Bouquet

Last night there was a huge storm where I live. I’ve driven in white-out conditions before due to snow, but never because of the amount of rain hitting the car all at once. To add to what was already falling from the sky, puddles in the curb lane splashed water up clear over cars. Of course what goes up must also come down, and down it came onto my already sopping wet windshield.

There were the blackest of skies, thunder, lightening, hail and high winds all at the same time. I usually curse the number of school and city buses on my route, but in this weather I was quite thankful for the slow pace and occasional stop – I’ll have to remember that.

yellow flowers on wooden shelfNow in the aftermath, I’m finding I was quite lucky. There are limbs of trees down in the neighbourhood and garbage cans that blew into unusual places. My only casualties were some of my plants. As you know from the cover photo, I like Black-Eye-Susan flowers. Well today they’re coming indoors! Some of the branches snapped and bent, so until they wilt, they can be a pretty vase on my mantle.

I’m not sure why, but I usually think of garden flowers only being in the garden. I think this storm has changed my mind. Why not bring inside a free assortment of garden flowers? I should select to grow flowers that both look pretty in the garden and in a vase. …Something to think about for next summer’s gardening projects as this summer is coming to a close.

One thought on “Frugal Day 10: Free Bouquet

  1. I look forward to flowers everywhere! In the bathroom, by the bed, on the kitchen table, or even in a vase on the patio. Fill a jar, teacup, bucket or vase. You grew them, so put those flowers where you can see and enjoy them!

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