Fun News Day

Today’s post has nothing to do with anything related to my house, besides the art that hangs on the walls. I’m posting anyway!

old map of the arctic
Moses Pitts English Atlas, 1680
The North Pole and Places Adjoining

Today with ongoing news reports and updated details, I wonder what’s better: an age old mystery, backed in oral histories and myth; or the science of iron and wood found at the bottom of a cold ocean? Yes, I’m talking about the finding of the Franklin ship in the Northwest Passage.

photo 2-7

photo 1-5







As you know I’ve spent some time in the Arctic, and for part of that I spent time working in the area of historic places. The ship was not found where it was expected to be and this is interesting to me. Instead of a long post, I’ll share with you some pictures, and a tune. Enjoy!

One thought on “Fun News Day

  1. Good pics and good comments. Mr. Harper could have spent the millions that have gone into this quest much more suitably by providing a couple of the Nunavut communities with docks so they can unload their sealifts in a manner befitting the 21st rather than the 19th Century!!
    Ta ta

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