Frugal Day 14: As-is!

I have a thing (you could call it an infatuation!) with Crate & Barrel -for all things home and holiday decor and furniture. Being in Canada we only have two C&B stores, and what are you supposed to do if you don’t live in Calgary or Toronto? I have that answer: spend your life shopping online, of course!! Ok, maybe not your whole life, especially when you determine the scary price of shipping items from the US, but window shopping is free until you find something you can’t resist.

My first stop after dropping my luggage off at my Toronto hotel last week was a given: Crate & Barrel at Yorkdale Mall, for which I have now decided that my dream home is in fact to live in that store! What’s to say I don’t need seven bedroom sets? Ok, maybe not, but it’s certainly fun to shop here:

crate and barrel store

My frugal tip for the day is to check out the As-Is section in your favourite store. At 50% off this lamp will make my brown and neutrally boring living room a little less so. As far as I could tell the only thing wrong with it was that it had been on display. Well if I lived there, I’d certainly take care of all the display items, so to me that’s a very good deal!!

coral and white lamp, crate and barrelAll stores from C&B, Ikea, Pottery Barn (another personal fav!) and any and all others will have an As-Is section. If they don’t and you find something that is the last one, or a display item then ask for the discount anyway. I always do, and usually get at least my taxes waved, sometimes more. It certainly doesn’t hurt to ask!!


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