Creatures in the House

It’s fall, harvest time and the time of year when little creatures come inside. Boy am I finding that out the hard way! With the harvest comes bowls of fruit on the counter, only this will be the last year I do that!! Enter the fruit fly!

Apparently, if you have a bowl of fruit on your counter, as ripe as those fruit may be, there are fruit flies outside your house wanting in. Once they’re in they have approximately an 8 day lifespan and procreate ever so quickly!

tiled-13Now for my tips on the best way to capture fruit flies. (Warning, I’m not aware of any humane  solutions.)

1) As is shown above, heat ½ a cup of apple cider vinegar in a mason jar. Add a couple drops of dish soap and some ripe (or overripe) fruit. Make a paper funnel and cut a small hole in the bottom. If you’re particular about the little guys not getting out, tape the funnel to the jar. Let the fruit flies explore for the night and you’ll be amazed how many can’t find their way out.

2) Soak a cotton ball or two in tea tree oil and pop it in your vacuum bag. Aim the wand at the bugs and find a quick fix for any room.

Sorry for the morbid nature of this post. I am almost fruit fly free, so these methods are tried and true. I also have a mouse in the house (not a pet), but that’s a discussion for another time!

Wishing you a creature free fall!


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