Quiet but Busy!

Exploring a few new avenues for extra curricular life activities to keep me out of trouble, have kept me from the blog for a while… sorry about that. Some have just clicked, with thoughts of why I didn’t find this idea until now? One of my new ventures is tea!!!


Who doesn’t love, and let’s be honest, sometimes just need a cup of tea?! My new venture is with Steeped Tea, a Canadian Company that received it’s biggest growth from an appearance on CBC’s Dragon’s Den show – check out creative ways to use tea and ever-changing promotions on Tea & Beyond on Facebook.

I’m booked into a number of holiday gift shows to promote the product. By Christmas it will be clear as to whether or not I’m a sales lady! It’s out of my comfort zone, but there’s nothing to say it can’t be done if I want to be successful.

Part of the fun of tea is how you can creatively use it in baking and cooking. Stay tuned for original and stolen (but cited) recipes that make my house smell like you could eat it! For now it’s just yummy Harvest Spice Tea.

candy corn mug






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