Return to Frugal: Day 15

Bricks and I have been busy this year! I feel like I was constantly at Home Depot over the course of the summer re-stocking my pile of bricks. This picture was taken partway along.

pile of bricksNow for a very different project: I need organization, but do I really need new costly furniture? My guest bedroom has become a collection zone, and a storage place for my new tea business, a place for a huge carpet I might make into a rug after an additional home project (they’re never-ending!) and other random things that don’t have anywhere else to go, or rather, items I haven’t had time to sort through. I don’t plan on returning the room to a guest room anytime soon, but it doesn’t need to remain as chaotic as it is currently.

So, I looked on Kijiji for used Ikea furniture. While offers are abundant, each seems to include the caveat that sellers want you to pick up the item… well that’s fun and rather unlikely with a small car! The benefit of Ikea is that you usually bring it home in pieces before constructing it into a bigger format.

square garden plotsBefore summer was all-of-a-sudden gone, I had big plans to continue with my garden plots and stocked-up, yet again, on bricks. I had 2 plots down (as seen above) and one more to dig up and build… I could still do it now before the snow flies, but I’m thinking a better use for my bricks would be to make some shelves to provide for sanity inside the house.

So here’s the finished product. It’s quite the improvement to the 4 cardboard boxes and 1 rolly-suitcase I had spread throughout a few rooms with papers and tea products falling out of them. I’m happy to now have used up all the bricks that I would have tripped on when entering the backyard. The wood may need to be replaced, as these boards were earmarked for my headboard (yet to be constructed!) but when the time comes, that’s an easy change.

As you can see, the shelves were successful. The lamp, as a bonus, was left on my desk at work (in a public library) so after asking around and putting a picture of it in the lost and found for 3 months, I decided to bring it home. It can go back anytime someone mentions that it’s theirs, but for now it works for me!!

bricks and boards shelvesThe frugal message of the day: think before you buy… what’s hanging around your house that you can re-purpose instead of spending your hard earned money on furniture you may not need? And isn’t getting organized therapeutic?

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