No More Art in the Closet

When I travel, wall hangings are my weakness. Everyone needs a souvenir, so why not find something you love, take it home and put it on the wall – or you could do what I’ve done recently and go home, only to stash it in a closet!?

When I moved into my current house initially, it was with a partner, and I felt weird putting up all my art from my adventures – I’d had a few and he’d had less – and he certainly hadn’t collected art on those that he’d had prior to meeting me! So the walls stayed blank with nothing but the nails left by the former owners as we planned to decorate together. Only for two years the walls have remained blank!

Guess who’s now sick and tired of blank walls?


Something you should know is that the former owners of my house found the most revolting tans, beiges, pinks and brownish yellows to paint the house, so slowly I’ve been making my way round with the paint brush and tins of greys, blues, a red bathroom that we’ll discuss later and other more pleasant nature-inspired colours.

Finally some of my favourites, from Canadian travels, have found homes.  What was I waiting for!




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