Throw Back Thursday

Challenge oornate house zoomed inf the day: how to display old photos without making them tacky?

Let me first explain: my grandfather had a rather unique house (seen here) adorned with pirates, a stork and other mythical sea-related characters as well as the quality craftsmanship of wood turnings and decorative scallops, shells and boat parts. He was, what we would call a folk artist, making life sized characters out of mesh, fibreglass and bright paint colours.

The mermaid and I go way back! Only, I always would have liked if her dress came up higher and if she wasn’t quite so skinny. I guess that’s where artistic license comes in.

seagull sculpture

life-sized mermaid statue

After my grandfather moved out, it was my sister who became caretaker of the house and its’ characters. She dealt with the tour buses that passed by (no joke!) and people knocking on the door to ask how the old sea captain was doing. It was only a home that I visited, albeit regularly, but never lived in. Still it brings very fond memories.

I’ve always wanted to display some pictures, but also wanted to keep the integrity of the age and character of the house and its whimsical nature.

Of course picture frames can be found anywhere, but I’d been searching everywhere. My first trip to Target since it came to Canada solved this. I’d been remiss at checking out the new store for months after it opened here, but had meanwhile been looking for that perfect picture frame. Sometimes a new store is all you need to get you out of your rut of seeing the same things over and over again.

photo collage in window frameAn antiqued window frame seems an appropriate view on an almost fairytale place and time. My framed collage now provides inspiration for creativity in my office. (Meanwhile, this picture was taken on the floor, for lack of glare.)

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