Plant Babies

I thought I was done with bugs in the house after the fruit fly episode of September, but it sadly appears not! You know when you’ve had plants for what seems like forever and something happens and you think you might lose them, so you pull out all the stops…

I’m really not a crazy plant lady, but I did load up my two plant babies and traveled with them as carry-on luggage when I moved to Ottawa. (For the record I only had four house plants until last week, now five, and no pets!) At the time of moving, I couldn’t imagine having a home without house plants. I saw no better source for them, than the ones I already had, even despite the distance between one house and the other.

They are the miniature palm tree I received as a gift in early 2007 and the hibiscus plant I bought that Easter. I’m not entirely sure why I’m so attached to them, aside from it going on eight years of sharing space, and especially since the hibiscus hasn’t bloomed since we got to Ottawa. Now, enter the aphid! Like I said, I thought I was done with bugs. My house really is quite clean and boring, but apparently they like that!

green plant with white aphids on the leaves
The leaf undersides are simply matted with aphids – the tops don’t look so bad!

Aphids have been everywhere in the vicinity of my poor hibiscus. They make the floor sticky and flutter around finding unusual places to land. So I’ve taken the aphid situation in hand, to save the hibiscus and reclaim my house. I started with the vacuum and a bucket of bleach and water and then I attacked my plant with soapy water. I do hope its bubble bath will eradicate the problem.

green leafy plant in the bathtubNext step, top up the soil and return it to the bright light at the front of the house. Then hope for the best and if need be call up the big guns (aka Grannie) who’s had hibiscus plants for years and years and may have some insights. Keep your fingers crossed for me, that my plant baby will not succumb to the aphids and instead go back to being happy and healthy.

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