Frugal Day 17: Fresh Herbs

This fall, if you called me Miss Disorganized you wouldn’t be far off. It’s not a normal characteristic of mine, but with this I was pleased that after our first round of snow this year, it all melted and the world got warm again.

This is particularly good news since as I was slow at putting my garden to bed for the season. In the melt, I was able to reclaim what was resistant to dying under the shallow coat of snow and bring it inside.

basil plantFall and winter, to me, is the season of rosemary. There’s nothing like a rosemary roasted chicken, or the herb sprinkled over sweet potatoes. Just thinking about it makes me hungry!

As you can see, my rosemary is now thriving by my kitchen window and I’ll be making tasty, savoury dishes in the weeks and months to come, without a trip to the store.

Now I’m ready, bring on the snow!

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