Frugal Day 21: Go Vegetarian!

Have you decided on a New Year’s Resolution? Why not get healthy and save money while doing it?! There’s double the incentive to stick with it with this!

Everyone’s heard of Meatless Monday’s… give it a try for a day or two a week. I don’t personally eat a plant-based diet to be frugal, but rather because I feel best when I do; it’s just an added benefit that comes with it!

plate of zucchini and spinach salad
Who says veggies have to be boring? Citrus-bergamot zucchini and Christmas-coloured spinach salad for dinner. Yum!

Today, I end my 2-week vacation on normal people food! A friend at work pointed out to me that if you eat healthy (for the most part) throughout the year, you’re probably more than justified to take an over-Christmas break and eat whatever you want. She suggested Dec 12 for a month to cover off all the festivities, but I’ve shortened mine to Dec 12-26, just long enough for short breads, butter tarts, Swedish meatballs, so much blue cheese and turkey this year.

My thanks goes out to all the friends I’ve shared these yummies with over the holidays!

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