It’s Tacky Craft Day!

When puppy came into my world, I made a conscious decision that I wasn’t going to fill my space with dog bones, paw prints and fire hydrants as are common on dog items and memorabilia. Instead her leash hangs from a carrot hook, while my keys hang next to it on a big tomato – slightly more my style! Her blankets came from the fabric store and so on, you get the idea!

Since coming home, Gwenny’s been eating dinner from a plain glass Pyrex bowl. Now, thanks to Michael’s Boxing Week sales we just made it a little more exciting (or tacky) for her. Either way, I’m not sure she cares, and it was a fun evening craft for me!

stenciling on glass I had plans to simply frost her name on the glass, but went with purple when I saw all the options. Perhaps in the future, if there are to be more projects, I will back track to simple colourless frosting.

For now you set your letters, fill in the stencil and remove before the paint dries, as seen above. Let the object dry for an hour and then cure it in the oven for 30 minutes at 350 degrees F. How easy is that? And how cute are my mason jars for treats!? Yes, I will be gracing my friends’ house with this tackiness too, with the mason jar labelled Jake! She and her dog are all about my puppy treats and look where that has gotten her now, Haha! I won’t be offended if she decides to recycle it away!

purple painted words on glassYou will notice no signs of paw prints or dog bones on these items intended for dogs! Now to make more puppy biscuits to fill our fun new jars!



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