Cheese Cravings Put to Rest

If you cut dairy out of your life one of your biggest cravings will be just that, dairy! You’ll eventually get over it. I know this because I did the last time I tried a cheese-less diet, but for now I WANT CHEESE!! It doesn’t help that I keep a block of cheddar in the refridgerator, because puppy also likes a cheese treat now and then.

They say that nutritional yeast (which is deactivated yeast that comes in a yellowish flaked format) is a good substitute for cheese, giving recipes the creamy cheese texture that we all love. Whoever “they” are didn’t mention the yucky flavour that goes with it! Unlike most faux Mac & Cheese recipes this one is based in cauliflower, so you know right out to the gate what your sauce is made of.

boiled cauliflower on the left and it blended into sauce on the rightWith this, I’ve finally found a recipe that’s for keeps, although I did half the amount of nutritional yeast that was called for in the recipe. I’m not going to try to pretend to be clever enough to create a Mac&Cheese recipe that’s got no dairy in it and actually tastes good.

shell pasta with vegan cheese sauceIf you want to try dairy-free Mac&Cheese, this is the recipe for you: Vegan Cauliflower Mac & Cheese. I love that it’s carrots that turn the sauce orange, instead of dubious chemicals as in packaged m&c. I think I could befriend this vegan blogging lady… she has good ideas!

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