Still Frugal in February

Frugal Day 24: Baby it’s cold outside! This makes a slightly colder-than-normal house still seem warm when I come in from my many dog walks with Gwenny.

I’ve always been slightly cold-blooded and even with the thermostat cranked I’d have no hesitation of putting on a  sweater or two. In an effort to be frugal in February, and because my gas bills take a leap from summer, when I rarely use the air conditioning, to winter when the furnace is hard to avoid, I’m keeping it cool inside.

3 pictures: thermostat at 18 degrees, warm puppy and slippersI’ve already noticed a 20% decline in my monthly bill from previous years, which makes the sweater-wearing and cold mornings seem a little bit more worth it. I’ve been bundling up and cuddling with puppy!

If you’re looking to save money, think about decreasing your thermostat by a degree or two. Now to figure out how to decrease my water bill…

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