Thursday night Pizza!

One of the best things I did on the weekend was make and freeze pizza dough. Small rocks of pale dough wrapped in plastic wrap now litter my freezer. On nights like this when I’ve sat in traffic in front of the local pizza joint and other fast food places pondering pepperoni, burgers and cheese (that I really don’t want) but they smell good all the same, there’s nothing quite like make-your-own!

pizza dough on top and completed cooked pizza on the bottom.You wouldn’t want to make the dough the same day if you’re looking for a fast dinner, but it’s the same recipe we’ve used before if you’re interested in checking it out.

Having dough in the freezer is definitely something to think about the next time you’re pondering what the delivery guy should bring you, or at least I will with my current teeny-tiny food budget for the month!

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