Excited About Soap

It was so easy that I decided to do it again! This time I wanted to colour my soap so I had two options in the kitchen: caoco or matcha powder. I resorted to buying some fun coloured mica on Ebay, but couldn’t wait for its delivery before making more.

I think I made the right choice by going green with Matcha green tea powder. By the looks of things on the dried top-sides, it fades nicely to a pale green colour. Here it is after just 24-hours, with one cube flipped sideways.

green soapThe recipe for these little babies is similar to last time (only I cut it in half) using: 2.5-oz coconut oil, 2.6-oz olive oil, 1-oz sweet almond oil, 1-oz jojoba oil, 0.5-oz cocoa butter, 0.7-oz essential oils (used rosemary, sage, yang-ylang, lemon, cinnamon), 6-oz of water, 2.3-0z lye.

Now for the dry-out time in the upcoming four-weeks… so anti-climactic!

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