Friday Flowers

I’ve just had a huge dump of snow that took two layers of shovelling to be removed from my driveway, say nothing of the big lump the plow left at the end in the middle of the night. I won’t complain, it’s great fitness, but it makes for difficult picture sources for my instalments of Friday Flowers.

ornate fuchsia flower from indiaConveniently, my Mother is in India, so she was recruited to help me with unique flower pictures which I will share for the next couple of weeks while Canada is blanketed in the white stuff. Since I opted for two flower days in a row this week, I’ll share with you the most unusual of her collection. Is it red kale or a land-locked coral? Ok, I’m not sure what this one’s called, but it’s certainly ornate, a little like an exotic rose. If you know it’s name, please share.

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