Food Challenge Recap

You’ll recall at the beginning of February that I made a pact to spend only $100 on food this month and eat out of my freezer and pantry, well I was in my deep freezer yesterday and noticed it still feels just as full as it did at the start of the month. There are a few exceptions: I’ve eaten all the pasta sauce, baked goods and pre-made casseroles I had been storing. I guess that means it’s time to make another batch of pasta sauce from the tomatoes that came from my summer garden and some more meals that are easy to pull out and re-heat.

My $100 budget didn’t totally stick, although I wasn’t far off and I’m not saddened by the spending outcome. The hundred dollar number was pulled from the sky. With what I know now about my spending habits for more realistic budgeting in future months.

gold foil wrapped chocolate coinsWe’ve all heard this a number of times, if you’re looking to pull-back on spending: write it down. If you’re like me, you have phone attached to you 90% of the time, so open a notepad file and record every purchase you make. It’s the only way to keep on top of it. I’d never done this before with as much dedication as I did in February, and it truly makes you think about where your money is going.

Even though my goal was food related, I went one step further and let Gail Vaz-Oxlade tell me how much I should be spending in all aspects of my life. Now I can make new goals for March!

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