Temporary Art Fix

One of my fond memories from childhood is of a winter camping trip I took to a mountain chalet outside of the city. One day here was dedicated to learning winter survival skills with only basic supplies in deep deep snow. This is where I learned that dental floss is your best friend, but not for the reason you’re thinking of!

I bet you didn’t know that you can tie up an entire shelter tarp with dental floss! Today, I’m not making a shelter, but hold that thought! Instead, we’re in my dining room which as you can see  is rather barren. Since completing the hardwood project I’ve largely ignored this part of the house. I need a new table, buffet and have been eying grass rugs, but I’m on a budget these days so these will be future purchases!

dining room picture
My boring dining room!

Fancy expensive art is also not under consideration for purchase in a big way, but a friend recently gifted me a large canvas, that she had partly painted and then rejected. My temporary solution for dining room art is to cover it with fabric. In this case, I’ve been looking for something to do with this piece of upholstery fabric. I like damask prints and the grey ties in with my living room furniture and accents.

4 pics of covering canvas with fabricOnce your supplies are assembled, it’s super easy to complete. Just staple the sides pulling the fabric taught. Leave the corners until the end. It’s OK if they stick up or out. To complete the corners neatly, pull down the middle of the point first and staple it in place. Then pull the sides down, removing as much of the remaining lumps as possible.

dental floss holding up damask picture in dining room As you can see from the original canvas, there isn’t much support for hanging it. I was searching around in my messy, needs-to-be-cleaned hardware supplies looking for something to help hang a picture and was reminded of dental floss. This brought me up to my bathroom and as you can see, not only is it strong enough to hold up tarps, but it hangs even a decent-sized picture!

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