While I wasn’t blogging…

Hi there;

If you follow this blog, let me first say Thank you! And second, sorry for the hiatus I took during April. I was:

…Training for Vancouver’s ½ marathon

Start line Vancouver Marathon with crowds of people ahead of me
2015 Vancouver ½ Marathon
Lions Gate Bridge from Seawall
KM 19 (and almost there)
Yes, I intended to crop myself partly out!

…Constantly cleaning the dog, due to the only thing making up our pre-spring world: mud!!

dog in mud
Dirty or not, she’s still a cutie!

…Party planning (but you already saw pictures from the “breakfast for dinner” party I threw!)

…And wishing for gardening season to come:

rhubarb plants

Look at my rhubarb babies now that I’m back from the west coast… it’s finally starting! And yes, since I thoroughly ignored the garden while it was cold outside, it clearly needs some raking, weeding and attention.

More of my HomeSweetHomeProjects to come and a few I’ve been stockpiling in my absence to share with you. I’m looking forward to a more regular presence here than I had in April.

See you soon!


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