All-in-One Orchard

I couldn’t help thinking of my two grandfathers while I dug a big hole in my front lawn last night. This is because they each had an orchard. The tree I was planting is four trees grafted onto one, so my own little orchard! It’s Ambrosia, Golden Delicious, Honey-Crisp and Gala and better yet they pollinate each other all on the same tree, so I didn’t need to buy a second tree.

tree labelsI’ve been looking forward to planting an apple tree in my yard since before I owned a yard to plant it in! In fact house-warming gifts to friends on several occasions have been garden centre gift certificates so they could do the same; whether or not they did was up to them.

It’s no secret that fruit bearing trees take time to establish before any fruit will appear. So if I want apples three or four year from now, and I do, then now’s the time to plant it.

Hole digging was only challenging due to the roots I found crossing the hole left over from the huge, ugly, leaning spruce tree that used to monopolize my front yard.

fruit tree in hole I put a combination of homemade compost, mushroom manure, bone meal and dirt from the hole, back in around the tree. And topped it off with lots of water and more this morning for good measure.

small spindly treeFor now it’s my new spindly plant-baby who needs lots of water and TLC during the upcoming hot summer months. Maybe someday it will be large and covered in flowers and hopefully fruit, like the cover picture I used, which was taken of a neighbors’ tree down just the road.

I look forward to the day I can make pie out of my own apples!

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