A New Watering System

squash plantNothing quite compares to garden-picked fresh zucchini or squash! I’ve eaten other people’s harvests, was raised on that of family harvests, but am still committed to creating my very own crop.

This plant produced one spaghetti squash last summer before it succumbed to leaf mould from the sprinkler, as you can see starting in the picture above, and the whole plant quickly deteriorated from there.

I’ve since read that while sprinklers seem a convenient and hands-off way to water, many plants want to be watered from below the leaves, not above. I’m not at all technical with hose infrastructure, so instead I planted a planter, leaving its lip just above the surface of the dirt. I cut holes in its circumference at several intervals for the water to leak out through the ground in the direction of my plants.

planter with holes in it for watering, planted in the earthThe planter is leftover from something I purchased last year, it’s made of thick cardboard, so if it ever disintegrates, it can become compost within the garden bed and for now is water soluble for easy water penetration.

As you can see, my plants are too small yet to tell if it’s a successful endeavour, but I’ll let you know as the season continues. Here’s to happy squash and zucchini plants here and where you are!



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