Friday Flowers

red tulips in front of parliament hill OttawaDid you know that each year, in an act of remembrance and international friendship, Canada receives thousands of tulip bulbs from The Netherlands?

With the Nazi invasion of The Netherlands in 1940, the Dutch royal family swiftly moved to England, further protecting their children by sending them to Halifax and onwards to Ottawa, Canada for the duration of the war. During their stay in Ottawa, the Princess Juliana, gave birth to her daughter Margriet at a hospital that was temporarily “declared extraterritorial by the Canadian Government to ensure the then baby Princess would hold exclusive Dutch nationality, so as not to conflict with her status in the line of succession.” The Netherlands has long upheld its gratitude to Canada for this act of kindness.

pink and white tulipIn 1953 the Ottawa Board of Tourism established the annual Tulip Festival, now the largest of its kind in the world. It draws 500,000 visitors to Canada’s Capital for the first three weeks of May each year and is well worth a visit!

orange tulips, cluster of 3, from aboveThe tulips had a slightly slow start this year, so despite the festival ending on May 18th, they continue to be quite pretty in beds across Ottawa.

field of purple tulipsHappy Friday!

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