Making Vegetarian Stick

From Frugal Day 21 – Go vegetarian: I’m taking my own advice! Only this time I’m being serious about it. I have a goal in mind and feel like nothing will get in my way… then again I’m not staring down a bowl of ice cream or anything else yummy and off limits at the moment!

cooked thin crust veggie pizza

You could say in the past few months I’ve flirted with gluten-free baking and plant-based recipes, but now the challenge becomes one of how to make it stick? My plan is to go switch cold-turkey to a plant-based, fish eating lifestyle. Note that I’m not calling it vegan or a diet. This is because, for me, it’s not an animal issue, it’s a personal health and well being change, not a diet. I know when and what puts me at my healthiest, it’s just a challenge to get there. Especially challenging are the first few weeks of it, so here it goes!!

picture of empty fridge, white interiorIn case you’re interested in making some changes for yourself in any healthy direction, this is where I started from an empty fridge:

  • Refrigerator and pantry cleaned out (or separate into food categories if you live with carnivores)
  • Meat and dairy products donated to friends
  • Useful dairy products kept for puppy treats (i.e. frozen yogurt tubs for hot summer days)
  • Remove all chocolate/sweets from the house (or bury deep in the freezer)
  • Invest in some fast relatively healthy snack food (i.e. nuts, instant oatmeal, dried fruit) for when you want to go backwards on your commitment
  • Overload on grains and colourful veggies in your shopping
  • Plan work lunches with thought (consider protein sources or you’ll go hungry and backtrack)
  • Think less about what your meals look like: Who says you can’t eat rice for breakfast? Or put kiwi in green salad?
  • For baking, learn to make eggs with cornstarch or flax seeds, and consider tofu in place of dairy
  • Go online or to the library for vegetarian, meat-less or vegan recipe books

vegetarian foodNow for weird food creations like pasta sauce on wild-rice topped with peas and other veg on the side, or eggless buckwheat pancakes with guava and blueberry toppings. I could get used to some of these!

If you need added inspiration to become healthy, I like to watch Oprah’s Vegan Challenge at Aside from the slaughter house moment, it’s simply a good reminder of recipes, protein sources, the challenge of getting out of old eating habits and what inhibits us from doing so. It doesn’t hurt that several people lose a decent amount of weight to inspire new change!

With this, going forward, I’ll only share the yummiest of recipes I come across, not the weird ones that I make up and won’t remember. You can anticipate some new recipe posts in the coming weeks!

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