Not Kiwi Green!

If every kid has a rebellion, mine might have been with colour… I grew up in a white-walled house. Aside from some pretty spectacular 1970’s wallpaper, that was removed partway into my childhood, and replaced with white walls and bold browns and bright greens in furniture and flooring, the only semblance of wall-colour were the bathrooms. These were painted the palest colour on the paint chip, so just one shade off white.

As I grew up I learned that bright colours do something for me that I can’t quite explain. They make me happy; well some of them do. I have my preferences, but can definitely leave the one-tone-off-white pastels behind!

sliced kiwi on green backgroundI did, at one point, shock a landlord who had allowed me to paint an apartment: After he’d walked through the tastefully painted terracotta-coloured wainscotting in the living room and my taupe bedroom, he happened upon the kiwi-green bathroom. Oops! That might have been the wrong colour to paint a small, confined room. I think he and I both learned lessons on that one! (Sad that I no longer have pictures of the masterpiece to share with you, LOL!)

Anyway, my colour selections are still important to me, but have mellowed with time and home ownership. As I’ve mentioned before, I bought a house that was entirely interior painted in ugly browns, pale pinks and peaches – what I’ve referred to as old people colours. That may not be entirely fair, but anyway they aren’t my colours. The paint roller and I have since had some quality bonding time together.

brown walls, painting them aqua greenOne of the particularly bad colours in the house was a brownish mustard coloured office – not sure the picture (above) does the brightness of it justice. It’s been on my to-do list for some time now, but the mess has kept the painting at bay. Unfortunately, my idea to take before pictures was lost until after two walls were already painted, but here’s a small sample of the ugliness!

loblaws grocery bag and same coloured green wallYou may recognize this colour as Loblaws grocery bag green. That’s just a coincidence that I noticed as I wrapped my brush away for the night, but there always seems to be something my colour choices match! At least it’s not kiwi this time!! Instead the paint job did have some criteria for matching: an arctic vase, mottled rug and prints, which now blend in quite nicely.

vase and pictures backed on green wall

painted green officepainted green office

With white and tan furniture and accents, I’m quite happy with the new springy and bright office – it will be especially enjoyed when the outside world turns white during cold winters. Now, if only it would keep itself clean!!

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