Frugal Day 28: Park the Car

Still chipping away at the 40 frugal days goal… so here’s another for you!

Sunny summer days scream for nothing more than to get out and ride your bike! Walk, bike, take the bus, any of those options (or any other self propelled vehicles) will help you stay frugal.

a full bike rack in front of a brick wallI love days when the car doesn’t move from it’s cozy little garage. Makes me feel like I accomplished something to get there (wherever there is) on my own steam. Knowing that I saved gas and that the choice was good for the environment, those are just added bonuses!!

trees in the forefront, farm in the backgroundI’m fortunate to have a huge farm and lost of pathways between work and home, so there’s really no excuse. (I do, once in a while, take the driving route via Home Depot, to collect supplies for my gardening projects on the way home. This isn’t exactly going by bike, but combining one, two, or more errands into one trip is a little less effective, but still a gas and money saver!)

Here’s hoping it’s sunny biking or walking weather where you are too. Enjoy your ride!

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