Garden Bench

I adopted my dog Gwenny in November, so for the following four months the yard was covered in heaps and piles of snow, and thus her digging didn’t bother me. I guess I didn’t really think that through, because when the grass returned, the holes she created were became slightly harder to remove.

In the early spring, and for some reason in rain storms since then, Gwenny has created a sizeable hole in the dirt next to the house foundation and even decided to chew on an unused cable she found within it. So, with this being the problem area of my yard, I decided to make a change.

lawn and removal of sod

Cinder Block Bench

How To:

  1. Identify location and measure out space
  2. Remove sod
  3. Install bricks for lining, making the tops of each brick level with the grass surrounding it. -Keep lines straight with a meter-stick or piece of wood.
  4. Place limestone screening over soil. (This helps deter weeds, with drainage and creates a foundation.)
  5. Install cinder blocks in desired location. 
  6. File 4″ fence posts through cinder block holes to form bench platform. 
  7. Place rocks, or material of your choice under the bench. (Note: I chose river rocks because they’re friendly on bare feet.)
  8. Find or make an appropriate cushion and surround with planters.

bench making process

Next, grab a book and a glass of iced tea and make yourself comfortable!! (Also important: get the dog something to chew on, so she doesn’t decide that another part of the garden is in need of a big hole like the one I’ve just covered!)

bench made with wood and cinder blocks on river stone base

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