Frugal Day 29: Grow your Food

You’ve seen these plots before, but the closest is my newest, with now two others behind it.square garden plot with rhubarb and various kale plants

Today the plots are the focus of frugal day post day… because if you have a lawn you have the capability of growing your own food and if you start it from seed then you’ll really save money. Designating some of your space to growing produce is well worth it, costing you some water and time, but that’s about it! (And bonus, you get to take rainy days off!!)

You can do it on balconies too, don’t let your lack of lawn stop you, just that I’ve noticed after years and years of balcony planters, that sowing directly into the earth creates bigger and healthier plants, because they have more nutrients to draw from.salad made with swiss chard and kale on white plate

I was surprised by the harvest I had last summer from two 5’x6′ garden plots. This year will be an improvement if nothing else with an extra plot. I’m already eating kale and swiss chard salads, despite only having planted them a few weeks ago.

Got any success stories to share – what are you planting and not having to buy at the grocery store this summer?



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