Frugal Day 30: Re-Gifting with Purpose

Paying for a wedding isn’t on my radar and yet a lot of people I know seem to be getting married this year. A friend is hosting a Stag & Doe event for her sister and I offered to give a gift basket to be raffled off. I sell tea for fun on the side, so this was intuitive – I always have too much tea product and keep only what I like.

a basket of tea to be raffled

But then I thought about gift baskets I’ve received in the past and random things I’ve acquired and decided to investigate my gift/re-gifting box. I’m not a fan of clutter in my house, not interested in having stuff for the sake of stuff, only stuff that means something, came from somewhere special or has some kind of history or use for me.

With this the couple at the Stag & Doe event might be able to make a bit of money off the unwanted items from my basement – and if not, then someone gets something new to add to their basement, or in this case their kitchen!

basket of kitchen stuff

If you have spare, but new, items in your house, there’s always a charity looking for gift baskets: think dog rescues, daycares, sports teams and I’m sure the list goes on.

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