Frugal Day 31: Gym-less Fitness

I’m not knocking gyms, but you can save a whole lot of money if you find other creative ways to exercise your body.

pile of running shoesI’m a fan of use-what-you-have fitness! This means strength training with the resistance of the weight of my own body, or if I want to up it, then picking up a can of soup in each hand or a brick as weights, to gently add tone to my muscles. I’ve done fitness with stairs and using a park bench to add new angles to stretches and strength.

Don’t overlook:

  • free runs with social running clubs/stores
  • pathways and parks for semi-private fitness locations
  • free online videos you can follow in the comfort of your home or just about anywhere
  • consider heading outside on hot days for fitness – you’ve heard of hot-yoga, well why not do hot aerobics or jogging, just take lots of water with you!
  • lunch break walking groups, or start one up!
  • bike to work, the benefits of which were discussed in another post
  • make scrubbing and vacuuming a work-out and don’t forget to consider gardening and landscaping challenges as part of your routine

Why not take to your own backyard, neighbourhood park or after-hours in a store parking lot to stretch those muscles and start a fitness regime? It works even better if you do it with a friend!

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