Canning Success Starts Here!

I know I’ve discussed canning here before, and I plan to do it again, so instead of constantly talking about the prep process of your jars, I figured I’d do it once and then let you refer back if required. The prep becomes second nature, just part of the process as you continue canning with more and more recipes. So here goes:

Before you get too deep into the sticky business of your syrup, fruit, veggies or whatever recipe you’re making, know that prep and timing are the key to a successful canning job.clean jars and lidsClean -to the point of sterile- and hot jars are required. I know people who send their jars through the dishwasher before they begin. While this works, it’s more of a time commitment than I’m willing to give. I wash my jars in hot water, rinse and allow to dry thoroughly in a hot oven. Then they can sit tight (usually inverted on a cooling rack above a cookie sheet) until I’m ready to pull them out with an oven mitt.

What’s not photographed here are the flat seal tops. These also need to be hot and sterile. I soak them in a small pot with an ongoing simmer. That way they too can be added to the already hot jars at approximately the same temperature when I’m ready to seal them up.jars of peach preservesA final note on sealing: just hand tighten the canning ring with the best of your ability -even with the oven mitt if need be. Don’t worry about making rings super tight, the real magic of sealing happens in the hot canning bath and as the jars cool, as seen above. So long as your jars pop seal tightly while cooling, then the goodies inside are safe and happily preserved for opening at a later date.

Did I leave anything out, or do you have a different process. Feel free to leave a comment and we can compare preparations!

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