Getting Better Suds

The learning curve to better bars of soap continues: My initial attempts made friendly, healthy and sudsy soap, but most were funny looking. The shape of the blocks were all wrong due to the vessels I was shaping them in and the tops turned white (as seen below) because I didn’t yet know to spray them with 90% pharmaceutical alcohol.blocks of soap

I’ve been practicing, sharing knowledge with a friend and as you can see, making nicer looking soap, yay!!  -I’m becoming a fan of the 1lb sized recipes, at least for now. They are manageable, and a good way to test colours and ingredients without a huge commitment.

Today was my first shower test with a new lavender-scented Garden Soap of Lovin’ Soap Studio’s recipes. The results are a lovely, soft soap. It even looks creamy in the pictures:

sliced soap with green and brown swirlsa block of soap with green and brown swirls and cornmeal on top






Colour continues to be a learning curve, but I never expected this to be easy, so the challenge is good.

In the pictures above I was aiming for cream coloured soap with green and purple swirls and topped with cornmeal to help scrub off the garden dirt. When my purple didn’t work, I turned it brown… what can I say, it’s still gardeny so nobody will suspect a thing!

Another trial was the (supposed to be red, now) pink and white Christmas soap that I made with a friend. It’s flavoured with peppermint and is awfully festive, despite its paler than intended colour.

red and white swirled soap







To accompany it, we met up a few weeks later and made green and white swirls scented with Saffire Blue’s “Sleigh-ride” which smells of a pine forest! We’re so pleased with the outcomes of these!

Next to try soaps with more natural ingredients, not that these are unnatural, but you know what I mean with teas, spices and scrubs… and yes that means more soap posts in the future. What can I say, soap making is fun! You should try it too with the basic how to’s listed here.

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