Weeds and Watermelon

It seems that the only fully healthy plants in my garden this year are weeds. I have a lush crop of thistles among other undesirables. On the other hand, planting things you never thought would grow that are raging successes are always nice surprises!

Baby watermelon on the plant

My garden has been oddly unsuccessful this year, in fact just tonight I’ve pulled my thoroughly shrivelled zucchini plants from the ground. I thought it was all doing well originally. Once puppy pool time was done, on an almost nightly basis, the water was recycled onto the garden, keeping it for a time, green and healthy.

Watermelon on plantThe surprise success, however, has been watermelon and cantaloupe. They are fighting for prominence with the weeds! I have yet to see a cantaloupe mature beyond an inch in diameter, but its plants sure are lush. The watermelon as you can see was a good idea. Now to figure out how to know when it’s ripe…

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