DIY Rose Wine

You know those crazy days where you think the world around you can’t throw anything else at you, and then it does. Well, I’ve had two of those this week. It started, where it usually does, with chaos at work, then a very sick dog, an incredible mess and annoying people. (Ok, their annoyance might have had something to do with my stress level, but you get the idea.) Home after all this, I was pleased to find spare white wine in the fridge for when I was finally was able to pause and sit down.

wine on coffee tableDespite my exhaustion, I decided to get creative.

Why not turn it pink, fruity and let’s be honest here, slightly more fun for once today: So here goes! Shake a teaspoon or so of tea directly into the wine bottle. Allow to steep in the cold wine for 20 minutes, longer if you wish. Pour into wine glass through a tea strainer and voila. Pink fruit tea wine!

image tea wine





I’m going to have to try this again with a fresh bottle of wine and one of my favourite teas. I guess you could say that I didn’t want to use coveted tea for this experiment the first time around. Now I know, it was lovely, and a nice way to end a couple days of crazy!!

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