Melting school supplies

It’s back to school time and its a great opportunity to stock up on school supplies, I mean craft supplies! Do you know how many fun things you can do with crayons if you’re feeling crafty?

In a effort to add some pizzaz to a boring place in my house, I combined all the fun fonts that I’ve been craving to use, with melted crayons. I figure melting them is a more adult way to play their colours, not that I really needed an excuse!coloured canvasLet’s call it crayon painting:

First pick a quote, or the words or graphics you wish to use. They must be glued to the canvas, so that the white can be revealed once your colour is applied.

School/craft supplies 

  • Art canvas
  • crayons
  • white paper for stencils
  • scissors
  • white glue
  • metal spoon
  • tealight candle
  • old plastic giftcard or yogurt container lid cut in quarters to reveal flat edge

The quote I chose is from Mary Poppins relating to mundane tasks: “In every job that must be done there is an element of fun.” I simply downloaded a new ap to my tablet that contained new fonts, then re-drew them and cut out stencils. This would be easier with a working printer, but the lack of one wasn’t going to hold back my craftiness.

white paper on white canvas

Once your canvas has been plastered with letters or graphics, light a candle, skin the paper off your crayon and get melting. With a plastic card, scrape the melted wax across the canvas. So long as your stencil glue is dried you can cover them in colour and not worry about leakage to beneath. 

crayon melting on spoon melted crayon on canvas




With a sharp knife remove the stencil stickers to reveal your message. This part of the process is messy and flaky – not recommended for perfectionists, as some of the paper will remain.


And voila, a new piece of creativity to add to a room. I might have to do this again, especially since the crayon box came with 36 colours and no little kids to colour with them!

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