Fresh for Laundry

One of the benefits of owing your own home is that if you have a craving to paint a wall or drill holes in one, nobody’s going to stop you. Ok, maybe that’s only a craving for me, but anyway…

I recently decided that my laundry area is the first of several areas in the house that desperately needs an overhaul. At the starting point it’s a concrete room with 1970’s sheet insulation over the stone foundation, cream coloured cement floors, wonky trim in some places, a table which was left to me by the past owners that sits on blocks to adjust its height.

boring laundry room

laundry room (before pic)





This overhaul was never intended to be all encompassing, instead it’s just going for a change, some colour and a bit of organization in the room. I’m also on a budget, so repurposing items is part of the goal.

painting a green wall
A work in progress, but a colourful improvement!

Now to put up heavy 8′ long shelves without a helper: every project comes with a challenge! Ok, next time I might ask for help. But they’re up now and they not only look great, but make me feel like I accomplished something in getting them there!!

white shelves on green wall white shelves on green wallwhite railing in laundry room











The cost of the re-do came to only $35.72! It includes:

  • end of a can of paint and supplies (no cost)
  • 2-MDF shelves at $8.99 each
  • 4-shelf brackets $1.29 each, I already had 2 the right size
  • 2-big hardware hooks at $0.80 each
  • 1 expandable curtain rod for $2.99
  • a new rug for $16.99

It’s amazing what you can do with items from around the house, some elbow grease and a little extra!

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